Men's Grooming Tips: 8 Ways to Maintain Your Beard

Okay guys, be honest, how much do you really care about your facial hair? Do you spend more time grooming your beard than your girlfriend does her hair? Are your buddies also giving you a hard time because you’ve got to get your beard just right for the big game? Or do you just like for your hair to look nice? If you answered any of these questions, then keep reading because we've compiled a list of beard care tricks that will keep your facial hair looking resplendent.

1. Patience Is Key

A truly epic beard is the product of self-restraint. When you first start growing, resist the urge to trim or style, and leave it untouched for the first 4-6 weeks. This will allow the hairs to grow in evenly (some grow faster than others), and help you pick a style that suits its length and thickness.


2. Know How and When to Trim

Pruning is essential to a well-groomed beard—even if you plan on growing it out. Invest in a quality trimmer, and find the right technique to suit your style.


3. Wash It Regularly

This is especially important in the early stages of growth, especially since trapped food and skin cells can exacerbate the itchiness. It’s not just about the hair, but also the skin underneath. Washing and conditioning your beard is the most important step in caring for your beard.


4. Don’t Forget to Condition

You might not want to use a conditioner, because you’re a guy, but you should! Many conditioners contain lanolin, vegetable oil, proteins, and herbs, and they are designed to restore natural oils and moisturize the hair.


5. Love Thy Beard Oil

Beard oils can be tricky. Some are too heavy. Some are too shiny. Some feel dry. Try as many as possible. You will know when it’s the one. I have at least nine or ten in my bathroom right now. I can’t wait for Tate Beauty to release their new beard oil by Rob Kazi. It will be formulated with a blend of natural, organic, and vegan oils like argan and jojoba to name a few!


6. Learn to Train Your Beard

A regular trim will maintain your chosen shape, but it’s not the only way to keep your beard in line. A daily rubdown with a comb or beard brush will wrangle stubborn hairs, training them to grow in a downward direction. You can even up the ante with a soft-hold styler, which lends some extra sculpting power while taming any flyways.


7. Don’t Forget the Mustache

Unless you’ve chosen a chinstrap—and we really hope you didn’t—growing an epic beard also means growing a mustache. Keep your ‘stache looking pretty neat with tiny trims every three to four days to keep stray hairs at bay. Focus on the area around your philtrum (the area under your nose) with a pair of grooming scissors.


8. Fuel Up

You can’t build a house without bricks, and the same applies to facial hair. Your beard is made from protein and fat, but it’s also heavily reliant on Vitamins B5, B3, and B9. That means lean meats, nuts, egg yolks, milk, and plenty of leafy greens. If you’re seriously committed, you can also round out your diet with a supplement like Kazi Hair Vitamins or Viva Hair Vitamins.





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I have your Viva Hair Vitamins product. When will the Kazi beard oils be available?

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